The UFO Was Found in Antarctica.

Antarctica is unlike the rest of the planet. It is barren, cold and almost seems like it is from another world, so it would make sense that if a UFO were to land on Earth with the hope of going undiscovered, that’s where it’d park, and it turns out, that just might have happened.

A researcher examining satellite maps of the continent uncovered what they claim is a UFO, and sent the discovery to YouTuber MrMBB333, who shared it in a video, noting that the melting polar ice caps likely caused the object to become visible. He says that the craft is a metallic disc that is 60 feet wide and looks “like it was intelligently designed.”

He points at the space below the object and suggests it seems like a shadow, adding that there appears to be an “elevated circle” on top of the structure.

It’s gotten enough exposure that the History Channel even spotlighted it in a recent YouTube clip.

As yet, an expedition team hasn’t been sent out to investigate the find. You can see it for yourself on Google Earth here.

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